Ikea goes to the ballet

I´m decorating a little loft apartment here in Copenhagen. The budget is tiny tiny. In assignments like these I always spend a lot of the budget on paintwork as it gives maximum effect for few dollars. Then I look to Ikea for almost all furniture, lamps etc. When all is done I see how much I´ve got left to spend and get 2-3 more extravagant things like a bright colored Vipp dustbin or some colorfull prints for the walls. I found this funny lamp and fell instantly in love. The mood board for the apartment is quite raw and industrial with pale colors on the walls, steel and wood for kitchen and furniture and in the middle of all this coolness I plan to place this fun, crazy lamp. I´ll show you pics of the place when I´m done and you can let me know what you think.

Ps. Thumbs up for cool styling Ikea!!!!

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