(Dansk) Ved stranden 10

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(Dansk) Har du stemt???

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When in London…

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(Dansk) Påskeguf

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(Dansk) Ka de li østers?

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Thirsty for yummy design?

Cheers guys!

Cheers guys! Thank you for the best summer ever! You know who you are, and you know how much I go nuts over cool concepts and creative packaging.

Just looove Stilleben

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Pippi Longstockings Villa Ville Kulla or not??

Alberts fine farveprøve

The boys and I have just moved back to Østerbro and we need some decoration advice. As you can see Albert who is 8 did some color samples on the wall and we all agree on the pink (thank god the boy, who has impeccable taste also is color blind…). But now my crazy girlfriend photographer MariaP suggested that I also paint the floors yellow to get the real Villa Ville Kulla look and feel – she calls me Pippi Longstockings. Normally I always go all in without thinking twice, but this time I´m a little reluctant. So please help me out. Should i just go for the pink pastels on the walls in my kitchen or should I go all in and paint all the floors in the apartment yellow as well?
By the way … It´s great to be back ;)


Diamond Lights

Diamond Lights can be bought at Casashop price: 250 kr.

I´m writing an article about webshops this month and look what I stumbled across at Casashops webshop. I´m just loving these bulbs designed by Swedish Eric Therner. Next time we are remodelling the bathroom I will put 7-8 of these bulbs around the mirror. Very Marilyn Monroe I think!

My favorite stools

It´s springtime…..

It´s springtime folks!!! Both in my calendar and outside. This means picnics on the beach, hanging out with friends and being outside all day at our summerhouse in the north of Zealand. This picture is from a feature i did with photographer MariaP, at a house just around the corner from where we live. You can read the whole article and see all the pics from this wonderful inspiring summerhome in Alt Interiør this month and even the trendy Italians at Casa facile has bought the article. Kind a neat :)

Out of office….

Back on the 16.th of February….

Secret Boudoir

Wallnut had the pleasure of working with Tine Arentsen Willumsen of Above & Beyond and her partners Giorgio Armani, Moët & Chandon, Nimb, Ole Lynggaard, Sten Bergströem, Valentino, Valisere, Viktor & Rolf and YSL on the fantastic fashion event “Secret Boudoir” Monday evening.

The scene was set in extraordinary surroundings at Hotel Nimb next to the Tivoli Gardens. Tine and her partners wanted to give their clients a sensual and luxurious experience that they would not forget.

In 6 suites there were beautifully styled dancers dressed in luxury from top to toe, acting out different scenes from unpacking to more sensual scenes at the end of the journey…

After a walk through scenes that can only be described as Vogue magazine gone live, it was time for pink bubbles and chocolate in Nimbs atmospheric bar.

Wallnut had a big part in planning and styling the Secret Boudoir universe and oh my did I have fun!!!! And thanks to Brittany Watson for helping me out, when time was …. Very short!

Ps. You can get the stilettos at Kassandra, Jewelry at Ole Lynggaard, fur from Sten Bergström, Lingeri, makeup & Perfume at Magasin, Chocolate from A xoco,

Hair styling: Intercoiffure Young, Sasscha Hirtsgaard & Team

Makeup: Ditte Kragballe & team

Performers: Pivot, Mette-Louise & Jesper Kryger

Event: Brammers, Nijolaj Brammer

Logo etc:Benedicte Maria, Benedicte Maria Pedersen

PR: Rikke Glad PR, RikkeGlad Kirstein

Photo: Emilia Therese

Trends in 2012

Sorry guys!

Last week I had the privilege of interviewing designer Leif Sigersen at Vesterbro. On the way back I stopped by the interiors shop Maur. And look what I found! Sebastian Errazuriz has designed this neat chopping board for Kikkerland. He wanted to show us women the way to a mans heart…. How very thoughtful and romantic of him!

It can be yours, all you have to do is “like” wall nut on Facebook and share the post I did on the chopping board with your friends.

Little blue monsters at Colette

One of my favorite concept stores Colette in Paris has together with the NY based designer Kevin Lyons pimped the legendary Danish Vipp waste bin.

Kevin Lyons is famous for his humorous little monsters that now decorate the waste bin in Colettes signature color. During the design process the young designer pictured loads of blue monsters having a blast of a party in the shop after closing time.

The waste bin is produced in 30 limited edition copies and can be yours for 300 Euros. Visit the fab store Colette in Paris or shop on line at www.colette.fr.