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Fluffy Friday…

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Spring has sprung

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(Dansk) Forårsfornemmelser hos Next Door

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(Dansk) Ka de li østers?

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(Dansk) En carport som inspiration …

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Thirsty for yummy design?

Cheers guys!

Cheers guys! Thank you for the best summer ever! You know who you are, and you know how much I go nuts over cool concepts and creative packaging.

Just looove Stilleben

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Secret Boudoir at Moltkes palæ

Secret Boudoir 2

Pop art at Louisiana go go go!!!

Spent the day at Louisiana with the boys. The Pop art exhibition is FANTASTIC so go go go! I´ll show more pics during the week. A little buzzy painting my walls pink.

I scream, you scream, we all scream…for icecream!!!

Alternative art??? I love it. Thinking this icecream cone will go just swell with my pink walls in the kitchen… Do you have anything crazy on your walls?

Pippi Longstockings Villa Ville Kulla or not??

The boys and I have just moved back to Østerbro and we need some decoration advice. As you can see Albert who is 8 did some color samples on the wall and we all agree on the pink (thank god the boy, who has impeccable taste also is color blind…). But now my crazy girlfriend [...]

Blog’nhagen video

Our Blog’nhagen video is finally out. Check out how you can create hype and attention about your brand through socialmedia and event marketing. Thanks to all our sponsors, fantastic bloggers who flew in from the whole of Europe and to Brittany for being such a cool partner I loooove working with you baby!!!!! Enjoy our [...]


Ikea goes to the ballet

I´m decorating a little loft apartment here in Copenhagen. The budget is tiny tiny. In assignments like these I always spend a lot of the budget on paintwork as it gives maximum effect for few dollars. Then I look to Ikea for almost all furniture, lamps etc. When all is done I see how much [...]

Bubblegum for the ladies by LV

Just can´t get enough of all the colors in fashion at the moment. Had to show you this fab campaign pic from LV. So inspiring and so cool styling!!!

Diamond Lights

I´m writing an article about webshops this month and look what I stumbled across at Casashops webshop. I´m just loving these bulbs designed by Swedish Eric Therner. Next time we are remodelling the bathroom I will put 7-8 of these bulbs around the mirror. Very Marilyn Monroe I think!

My favorite stools

It´s springtime…..

It´s springtime folks!!! Both in my calendar and outside. This means picnics on the beach, hanging out with friends and being outside all day at our summerhouse in the north of Zealand. This picture is from a feature i did with photographer MariaP, at a house just around the corner from where we live. You [...]