Monthly Archives: October, 2011

Antler chandelier

That nature and chandeliers are some of this seasons biggest trends is no longer breaking news. But check out this trend-fusion and the black ceiling…. I love it! So dramatic, so cool and yet really cozy. Foto: OWI

Colour stack at Anton Dam

Designer Henriette W. Leth has created this line of shelves perfect for storing magazines and cooking books. I love the way she mixes the raw industrial trend with bright colors, it adds edge and originality to the design. Choose units in the same color for a calm look or mix & match like on the [...]

Fantastic Bauhaus letter cups

I am just loving these cups! Could just fill my kitchen cabinets with them and spend all day spelling out funny words with my oldest son Albert. Ps. BAD in Danish is bath….

Tea time at Normann Copenhagen

Check out these fantastic tea canisters from Normann Copenhagen! Available in 8 different styles at 99 kr. A piece these canisters will add personality and color to any kitchen. Would we like to see these cool graphic designs on notebooks, scented candles and as wall paper??? Ooooooh yes I believe we would!!!